Our NATIONAL campaigns

Right Angle is a grassroots community aimed at giving a voice to Britain's aspiring working class.

Together, we campaign on the issues that mean the most to Britain's hardworking families.

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High petrol & diesel prices are forcing hardworking peopleoff the roads. Right Angle is calling for the Government to FREEZE fuel duty until 2015!

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We need lower taxes for everyone.

That's why Right Angle is urging the Government to give us a LIVING WAGE by bringing back the 10p rate of income tax, when the economy recovers.
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Last year, over 600 people were killed on Britain's roads. Of the 150 drivers who faced trial, just 35 received more than a 5 year sentence.

Right Angle wants tougher sentences for drivers who kill.

Our LOCAL Campaigns

Right Angle also helps local MPs promote issues that are important in their constituencies by setting up online petitions.

MPs can the use this to lobby the Government and push for change!