What to choose: masters or postgraduates?

When choosing between masters or postgraduates there is much to ponder and the decision is not simple. However, this type of training can give a boost to the career!

Master’s or post-graduate, here’s the question! If you are undecided about which option to choose, know that we understand your doubts well because there is much to ponder or write my essay now . From the supply in the market, to the time you have to dedicate, to the return you will get and the financial and personal investment needed for each one of them, is not even a simple decision.

Whether you are studying, working or unemployed, investing in your training is the best thing you can do for your present and future. One thing is certain, with a master’s or post-graduate degree in the portfolio, more doors are going to open here or out there.


Post-graduation can be considered almost as a specialization, perfect for deepening a specific area of knowledge. They are usually more focused on developing certain skills. Unlike the master’s degree, the postgraduate degree does not confer an academic degree and can take from three months to a year, depending on the educational institution.

The master’s degree normally takes two years and has a more academic aspect. In addition to conferring academic degree, it is a passport for those who, in the future, intends to teach or follow the research area. Master’s courses may be part of the degree, ie an integrated master’s degree or you can enroll for years after completing the degree. In both cases, the student is awarded the Master degree.


Whatever your choice, you will always need a degree or course that gives the same degree, to enroll in a master’s or post-graduate degree.


Prices vary according to the institution and can be influenced by the reputation, location and course you choose, but the values start at € 1000. However, it is not certain that the cost of a postgraduate degree will be less than a master’s degree. In fact, taking the example of the University of Coimbra and Porto, in the former, the value of a postgraduate degree is higher than that of a master’s degree in Porto.


If you just want to upgrade your knowledge from a professional perspective, you feel that you need to deepen your knowledge in a specific area or get a particular competency, postgraduate is probably the best option. From the personal and academic point of view it will require less of itself – just the fact that it does not have to study and research to elaborate a thesis already simplifies. Especially when it comes to areas such as digital marketing, information management, knowledge organization, databases, multimedia, etc.

On the other hand, if you seek to acquire knowledge to apply them in the analysis, definition and solution of projects, the best option is to choose the Master. But how does this differ from graduate school? The goal of a master’s thesis is specifically to take what you have learned in the curricular phase, to relax, question and apply forms of research, selection and comparison that will culminate in a correct and concrete solution. If it is your intention to follow the area of research or higher education, this is the first step to take, followed by the PhD.


Schools, human resources companies and the current market encourage students to take a postgraduate or masters degree. However, after graduating with no professional experience, the masters area you choose at the moment may not be the right one for your future. The ideal would be to advance to the Masters after a few years in the labor market to realize which area you most love or need to acquire more skills.